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Part 4: Action

AUSTRALIA: striving for action.  Carol Ireland & Rosey Panelli  UPDATED October 2017



CHINA: premature mortality in people with epilepsy.  Ding Ding



FRANCE: sentinel network for epilepsy-related mortality.  Marie-Christine Picot & Bernadette Larquier



INDIA: SUDEP and cultural perspectives.  Pravina Shah



IRELAND: looking ahead.  Mike Glynn



LATIN AMERICA: the plan of action.  Tomás Mesa



NEW ZEALAND: looking ahead.  Frank Gouveia



THE NETHERLANDS: an action plan.  Roland Thijs & Hanneke M de Boer



UK: looking ahead.  Jane Hanna & John-Paul Leach



US: the growing collaborative SUDEP movement.  Jeffrey Buchhalter, Gardiner Lapham & Cyndi Wright




continuing the global conversation

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy
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