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Part 3: Challenges




Fear, risk perception and physician SUDEP risk communication.  Laurel Austin, Denmark



Communication – the validity of perceived barriers to discussion.  Briony Wadell, UK



Discussion of SUDEP in North America.  Daniel Friedman, USA



Listen to your patients and their caregivers.  Rajesh RamachandranNair, Canada



SUDEP the conversation: why the source matters.  Johann te Water Naudé & Lliwen Jones, UK




Implications for clinical practice

Clinical implications of SUDEP.  Ann Johnston and Phil Smith, UK



Clinical guidance for the generalist.  W Henry Smithson, UK



Implications for US clinical practice.  Elson So, USA



Reflections on clinical practice in India.  Manjari Tripathi, India



SUDEP and pregnancy.  Lina Nashef, UK



SUDEP and children: implications for clinical practice J Helen Cross, UK



Implications for clinical practice – SUDEP in adults with an intellectual disability.  Mike Kerr, UK  REVIEWED April 2018



Risk avoidance and supervision.  Stephen Brown, UK





Implications for risk management

How can we translate population research into practice to prevent avoidable death in epilepsy: a road-map for the UK. Leone Ridsdale, UK  UPDATED May 2016



Safety in epilepsy monitoring units.  Sylvain Rheims & Philippe Ryvlin, France



SUDEP – are we as safe as we can be?  Rohit Shankar, UK  UPDATED May 2016



SUDEP and legal issues.  Braxton Wannamaker, USA & Jane Hanna, UK  REVIEWED May 2018



Judicial reports on avoidable deaths.  Jane Hanna, UK & Braxton Wannamaker, USA UPDATED July 2019



continuing the global conversation

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy
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