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Part 2: Questions



Overview of section: current research on causes of SUDEP.  Frida Teran, Cory Massey & George Richerson, USA  UPDATED Oct 2018

Sleep, night and SUDEP.  Gordon F Buchanan, Rui Li, Alexandra N Petrucci & Benton S Purnell, USA  NEW Jul 2018

Seizure-related respiratory factors in SUDEP.  Lisa Bateman & Masud Seyal, USA



Current evidence for a role of serotonin in SUDEP.  Gordon F Buchanan & George Richerson, USA  UPDATED Dec 2018



The adenosine hypothesis of SUDEP.  Detlev Boison & Hai-Ying Shen, USA  REVIEWED Apr 2018



SUDEP basic mechanisms: on course to understand, predict, and prevent.  Alica M Goldman, USA

Part I. Respiratory dysfunction.  

Part II: Cardiac and autonomic dysfunction.



SUDEP and matters of the heart.  Rainer Surges, Germany  UPDATED May 2016



Sudden cardiac arrest and SUDEP: partially overlapping clinical entities.  Robert Lamberts & Roland Thijs, The Netherlands



Is there a link between cardiac dysfunction and SUDEP?  Terence J O'Brien



SUDEP - brain stimulation.  Fergus Rugg-Gunn, UK



Devices to detect apnoea.  John Duncan, UK



Current understanding of seizure alarms.  Helle Hjalgrim, Denmark



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Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy
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