Part 1: Facts




Epilepsy kills: stopping epilepsy-related death.  Josemir W Sander, UK



How common is SUDEP: reconsidering the data.  David J Thurman, USA



Understanding the grief of those bereaved by epilepsy.  Karen Osland, UK





Risk factors for SUDEP.  Torbjörn Tomson, Sweden



Thinking about SUDEP risk factors.  Tess Sierzant, USA





SUDEP: definitions and classifications.  Lina Nashef, UK



Verbal autopsy and SUDEP.  Claire Lathers, USA



The French sentinel network for epilepsy-related mortality.  Marie-Christine Picot & Bernadette Larquier, France



Developing a charity based epilepsy deaths register.  W Henry Smithson & Jane Hanna, UK



Registries for SUDEP research.  Elizabeth J Donner, Canada & Orrin Devinsky, USA REVIEWED April 2018



SUDEP legislative initiatives in the US: two case studies. Thomas F Stanton & Mark J Stevenson, USA REVIEWED April 2018






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Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy

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