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COVID-19 international impact research


The current COVID-19 pandemic is impacting on us all. SUDEP Action aims to better understand the impact this is having on people with epilepsy and their families, on health professionals and on bereaved families across the world.

As part of a new research programme, SUDEP Action is working with researchers at the University of Oxford and Newcastle University in the UK, and international expert collaborators to gather and analyse information via three key surveys.


The information gathered will help a better understanding of the challenges people with epilepsy, their families, people who are bereaved by epilepsy-related death and health professionals are facing, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and also more generally. This will inform our future work, so we can continue to help those who need it, support those who have been bereaved and do all we can to save lives now.   


We invite YOU to take part in one, or more, of the surveys.


YOU can take part if you:

  • Are over 18

  • Have epilepsy, or

  • Care for a person with epilepsy, or

  • Are a healthcare professional who helps in the management of people with epilepsy, or 

  • Are bereaved by epilepsy-related death, whether it happened recently or a long time ago

People from all countries are invited to take part.

The power of research increases with every person who takes part.

For more information, visit -

A knowledge repository of sudden death in epilepsy, brought to you by SUDEP Action UK and SUDEP Aware Canada,
together with health professionals, families & advocacy organisations from around the world.

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Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy
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